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Monday, September 8, 2014

A Bag, Belle, and Bees

So Thursday afternoon a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go "sailing" Friday morning.  I could for a short while, but we are finishing up the pole barn today, so I need to be home after lunch....
This leather bag is the same brand I wanted at the beginning of the summer, at a store, but it was $100.00.  I got it for $2.00!  Yes, TWO DOLLARS!  LOVE IT!
Got my Shug a London Fog, wool coat for winter, for $10.00!

 This quilt, for Coral Belle, for $4.00
 Bee Lady party tray for $1.00!
And these gauzy curtains that have pockets in them, to hang outside Coral Belle and give her an exotic appearance... somehow, for $4.00.
Not bad for a few garage sales.

Then Saturday, my Shug and I went on a date to a HUGE auction.  HUGE!
Too big actually.  It's a yearly event this church has, but I don't think I'll go back.
There were so many "rings" of auctioneers and so much stuff it was overwhelming.  I wanted this skinny little hall tree in the middle of the above picture.  But not for $20.00.  Especially after they left it out in the rain all night.  (sad face)

I would have given $20.00 for this!!!!  But I didn't stick around this area to see how much it went for.

What's in the one of the other rings...

I want this for Coral Belle's area!  My Shug says to go up to $50!  I secretly thought I'd go up to $75!  Guess what!  I didn't even get to bid!  $250.00!
And a friend of mine said, "well I can't imagine much of a calling for metal palm trees."
I imagine someone in town upsetting their neighbors about right now with this metal palm tree in their front yard!

While I was hanging around between a couple of tents, I noticed this guy on the roof of the church taking pictures!  OH MY GOSH he is really high up there!

I wanted these lamps for my kitchen
but I decided not to was taking way too much time to get to you can see, there are "things" on top of and under the tables. 
I hope they finished up before church Sunday morning!
I left...with nothing!  
Oh well....I gotta hot new (old) bag for $2 dollah at a garage sale!


She's coming along nicely.  My Shug can't keep his hands off of her!  I know...I was fixing her up like a girl, but hey, if he wants to jump in there, I'm not going to stop him.  Actually, we have come up with a little plan.  On weeknights, he gets home from work late, he works 10 1/2 hour days, and he's usually exhausted.  So we are doing small things together on weeknights to move forward, such as camper stuff, pole barn stuff, odds and ends stuff.  Then on the three day weekends, work on the house.  So far so good!

So, there were two vents in the squares below, and the wood was somewhat rotten below them.  We are guessing a refrigerator or stove was in this area back in the day.  We took some aluminum and covered the vents so snow couldn't blow in,

then put the other half of this door over the holes so you can't see the holes.  I'm going to paint either all of it, or the inside of it with chalkboard paint!

He also fixed the door.  Well, I helped with the screen.  I was trying to find a before picture of the screen door and this is all I could find.

AFTER!  (there was a piece of metal in the camper that came with it.  That's what he fixed the door with.  And new screen which you can get for about $7.00 at home building stores)

A can of spray paint whitened up the hitch area and the bumper.

Lastly, I'm off to see a man about some bees.

It's a hive, not a swarm, which makes it much more difficult.

Cindy Bee
PS - I had this post ready to go yesterday (Sunday), but the battery went dead in my computer.  It's way it won't charge anymore.  Bummer....Anyway, I'll post about this hive adventure next.


  1. So sorry to hear about your computer battery.:-( It would appear that you rounded up some real bargains over the week-end! Great find on that purse!

  2. Talk about exciting bargains!!! I love finding deals like that...:)JP


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