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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our first snowfall in 2013

I went out and took some pictures of our land yesterday.  We had our first snowfall. It was small, but with white covering the ground, and the sun shining, it made everything very bright and beautiful.  Can't beat a day with sunshine.
 Maggie (short for Magnolia) Moose

  The birds and the bees!
 Looking into the bee yard from the woods.

Looking into the woods! Yup, that's an Outhouse!
 (which is why I had to make this picture look old.  It came in handy when we first started building!)
 Look what a deer did to this tree!

  We have a flowing well on our land.
The leaves were falling off of the trees yesterday as though they were snowflakes....You can see how the leaves, from this small tree, covered part of the pond.
Look at the ground in this picture.  This tree lost all of it's leaves yesterday, and they covered the ground.  I wish you could have seen them coming down.
And to think....
I took these two pics not quite a week ago!

Cindy Bee

PS - Thank you for all of the bee keeping questions.  I now have two pages of questions, and it really does help me know where to start!


  1. Snow here on Monday night but it didn't look nearly as pretty as yours!

  2. WOW! That's quite the difference in two weeks. LOVE the outhouse!!
    Jane x

  3. Thank you for showing us around your estate. Intriguing hanging objects. Our leaves aren't falling quite so quickly but I'm sure it won't be long before they do. Philippa xx

  4. Wow, what a difference a week can make weather-wise, and so dramatically !

    Love your "birds & bees" picture. Do you have a lot of birds building nests in the gourds ?

    I am a little excited about getting our first snow, but don't think it will be for awhile on this side of the mountains. We're getting plenty of very cold rain though. And enough sunshine in the afternoons to fool the poor bees.

  5. Hi, I love the pictures of your land in the snow, it looks magical. And the scene is so different from those lovely golden trees.
    I've shut my bees up for the winter now and just have to put on some protection from woodpeckers. I'll miss the beekeeping.


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