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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm one of the lucky ones

I'm sitting here in the dark. We are on our third day without power and at the moment I feel like crying. I'm just tired and I know it. I couldn't sleep last night.  I'm one of the lucky ones. My Uncle let us borrow a generator to keep all of of our food in the freezer from spoiling that I "put up" throughout the year.  My Shug took part of the day off of work yesterday to get the generator going. Its loud. We bought a little propane heater to keep our room warm. We have water from a flowing well that I'm 'fetching' to drink and wash our face and brush our teeth with. This cell phone in my hand, charging from the generator, is the only contact I have with the outside world...and its working.
I have my parents who have offered us a place to stay numerous times. If I had children I'd be there. I did go there yesterday for a shower and breakfast. Its weird. Their area looks normal. Not even limbs down. 
I feel like I should be doing more to help. My Shug says I need to stay here. While he works I need to make sure the place doesn't freeze (29F right now), burn down from the propane heater, or get looted!  We don't have looters in our area right now, that I know of but some subdivisions that got hit have them. They were warning people on Facebook to look out for three guys with backpacks and wheelbarrows in one neighborhood. Pathetic.
My Shug and I looked outside our door on Sunday. We've never seen anything like it. Total white out from wind and rain. They reported that two tornados touched down in Kokomo on Sunday. Some people havent even recovered from the flooding we had last spring.
Our town, the neighborhood I used to live in...the one where we just sold our house...was hit by  one of the tornadoes. I drove by our old house and it was ok, as was the other houses on that street. But that seemed to be the only street untouched in that area. Devastation all around. The businesses, some that just opened a few months ago, are leveled. Just a couple blocks over, a house was lifted off of its foundation and moved to the middle of the road. The park I used to take the boys to when I would attempt to teach them how to play baseball is a mess. No trees left standing. The golf course is the same. Many businesses are trying to reopen if they just had a little damage. Where my Shug works you can see outside in some places.  The assisted living place my mother in law lives at is without power. We have a feeling it will be awhile before Our little community gets power since places like that are more important.
On Facebook they said hundreds of students and adults have been helping clean up the mess. God bless them. They are asking for volunteers and contributions.  But My Shug says I should stay here.
When I  went to check on our old neighborhood I did not go see the devastation. The streets are closed off. They asked people to not come by unless you are the home or business owner. Those areas have 6pm to 6 am curfews. My Shug went by some of it on his way to work and told me. And I've seen it on Facebook and in the paper my Parents gave me. It took me three different ways to get to their house yesterday because of downed trees in our area. It's the trees that took out our power lines.
Yup, I'm one of the lucky ones.  I have family, food, heat, and water. I keep reading about it on it is happening somewhere else.  I'm going to go back to sleep and dream of white sand and warm water. Or maybe just having electricity!  And wake up in a better mood. The sun is going to shine today!  I can't wait!!!  I'm going to have a good winter.....I'm going to have a good winter......
Cindy Bee

Ps. Thanks again for all of your kind comments. They are so comforting right now.


  1. Hey. Update. Just got this email from my Shug.
    Hey good news the tree over the power lines is cut up /road is open so im hopeful power is coming today?? Well see. Cedar crest still dark power on most other places.woo hoo when power comes on theres a switch on generator just flip it off unplug cords leave on patio and plug into wall refridge and frezzer viola!

  2. Oh I am so happy you are OK. My thoughts and prayers to all who are not as fortunate. Take care. Hug B

  3. Hang in there. It is always so hard when one has no power. But we are all so use to having everything at a moments touch. You normally may use your microwacve this many times but with the power I believe I attempt to use it 2 or 3 times as often. You will have plenty of opportunity to help once you have your power back on. Unfortunately this will take a long time to rebuild. I have not gone any place than work and the route I drive looks just like normal. I am trying to prepare myself when I do have to travel up the Maple Crest area since I do shop there. I know I am going to cry I have just seeing the pictures. It just reminds us all that it can take a second to change the lives of ones in our community. It is just a miracle that we had no deaths and only 5 people were hospitalized due to injuries but none of those were serious. Hang in there girl. Jeannie

  4. It is shocking to see so much devastation and to lose everything but homes can be rebuilt and when something like this happens it makes the community stronger (excepting lowlife looters). We have all become so reliant on electricity/petrol/etc. You are all in my prayers. Philippa xx

  5. Glad to hear there is small bits of progress. I realized how much I took power for granted. I also turned on light switches many times. Please be careful not to overload yourself with to much info from media sources. I became obsessed and it made my healing slower. Be as kind to your mind and soul as possible. Peace and Hugs from 'Bama'

  6. Thank God you are OK. It'' rough now, you are in shock...this will pass. All will be well again. I promise.
    Jane x

  7. I was thinking of you all day ..we had horrible winds but nothing developed. I hope u are back to "regular" living soon lady. I felt horrible all day about it since i know last years flood was insane... I hope u stay well during all this...hugs

  8. You are all so right. I'm doing much better with the mood. I was tired. I don't sleep well and the dog wanted out at 1:00 am and I had to go out and unwrap his chain because he got all tangled.....then I laid there worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning from the propane know how it is sometimes when it's dark out and you're tired. Anyway thanks for the comments. People keep coming to our flowing well for water. :-)

  9. I couldn't go to sleep till 4 AM on Sunday, I'm a tornado survivor. Watching our home roll away is one of my earliest childhood memories. It hurts so much to see all the loss. All the poor people who won't be having the Thanksgiving they'd planned. Seeing the devastation, it's amazing there wasn't a greater loss of life, and so awful to think about how long it will take for people to recover from this. Shug is right, hunker down, protect the home-front. It's going to be a long recovery period.

  10. reading your blog today made me so thankful for the good cold weather we are having here in Colbert, Georgia. Our prayers are with all the people from the 4 or 5 states that were hit by the tornado's. I hope you get the electricity restored soon. Ellen from Georgia

  11. Cindy, It is one of the saddest things when someone would take from people in this situation. No scuples. I am hoping we can keep this better weather....I pray that it won't snow or rain....we need some good weather . I know what you mean by helping...sometimes it helps to stay out of the way. We will have to donate to help people. Stay safe. xoxo,Susie

  12. It makes me incredibly sad that you can't leave your home to help others for dear of looting. What us the world coming to? Stay strong Cindy and I sincerely hope your electricity supply is reconnected soon.

    1. Sorry - typo: for fear of looting ..

  13. Cindy bee, so sorry your going thru this . Your a strong woman and l am sure you have a lot of prayers going your way . I too went without electricity and water during the cedar fire in california and our house was spared . You feel so bad for those that lost so much .lt 's hard seeing so much damage in your area
    Hugs and prayers cheri

  14. So sorry to hear about this, Cindy :( Sounds awful. I'm glad you're safe & hope things get back to normal soon. xoxo


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