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Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas shopping...through the years

Before I tell you about my weekend, I am going to do a post I tried to do last year!  You see, I've been going on a traditional Christmas shopping trip for what seems like my whole life.
 Sometime in the 1980's my Mom bought us matching sweatshirts, we started spending the night in a motel on this shopping trip, and more traditions began.
I wanted to do a post with all of our group pictures.  I'm living in one room right now, and everything else, including pictures, are crammed somewhere else in our basement.  I found some of the Christmas shopping trip group photos and I wanted to share them with you.
(Theresa, Vickie, Mom, Gloria, Ashley - if you have others handy and want to send them to me, I'll edit the post and add them.)
And I apologize for the fuzzyness of some of these photos.  These were back in the day before digital camera.  You took the pictures, you got them developed, and saw what they looked like when they came back a week later.  And these are pictures, of pictures.
Here we go...a trip down memory lane.

This picture was taken sometime in the 1980's....obviously!  Look at the hair!  B.I.G.
Theresa, Vickie, Cindy, Aunt Irene, Mom, Gloria
This picture was sometime in the 1990-1992 era

 I don't have dates on these two.  We would wear our sweatshirts two or three years in a row, so it's hard to tell what year some of them are exactly.

 Cindy, Mom, Gloria, Irene, Theresa, Vickie




  we stopped wearing matching clothes in 2011

2012 - only four of us went

 2013- together again!

So there you have it.  Pictures of our traditional shopping trip through the years.  
What do you do that's tradition?  
I think traditions are what helps keep families together.  Don't you? These ladies, are all friends, but they are also family.  
 I'd love to read/hear about your traditions.
 Cindy Bee 


  1. thank for the walk down Memory Lane::::Enjoyed the blog!!! and how we looked and have changed!
    Was a fun weekend as always!
    the cuz--gloria

  2. This could be a movie!
    Thanks for sharing your sounds like a lot of fun.
    Jane x

  3. What a great picture trail. I think it a shame you don't still wear the matching outfits Looks like you are still having fun though. Philippa xx

  4. The "reader's Digest " of the history & traditions of special friends. You are richly blessed, and BTW, the pictures DO tell stories, don't they ?

  5. Oh, what a marvelous tradition you have there. It'd be worth going even if you didn't buy a thing!!!


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