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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fabric Pumpkins

 A few years ago I bought some fabric to make pumpkins, then tucked it away because I was spending most of my time building a house!  I found the fabric the other day and decided instead of tucking it away again, I was going to make those pumpkins.  Everything was ready to go, it just needed put together.  So I laid out the shirts, skirt, jacket and cut as big of a circle that I could.

 The circle does not have to be perfect.
 Then I took a needle and heavy duty threat and made a running stitch around the edge of the fabric.  By the way, wool fabric works great for this kind of project because it doesn't roll up after you cut it, and it doesn't fray.
 While sewing the running stitch, you kind of pull it while you are stitching...
 and add stuffing when you are almost finished sewing.
 I had these already made but I am going to tell you how to make them.  The sticks are just cut to about three or four inches.
 And you just push them into the hole that you left at the top of the pumpkin when you stitched it together.  You can use a glue gun if you want to make sure it doesn't fall out.  I just pushed it in the hole and left it.
 The tendrils are just twine that I dipped in Elmer's glue, then wrapped around a knitting needle. I gently slid it off of the needle onto a paper plate and let it sit for a day or two until it was completely stiff and dry.
 Then I wrapped it around the top of the stick and pulled it out a bit.

In our kitchen, we have this blank wall above our pie safe.  I've had an idea on what I wanted to do, but it's a project that may never get done!  So,
I found this shelf in our pole barn a few weeks ago.  I decided it would be perfect on this blank wall.  Trying to figure out what way to place it was the first challenge.
 Funny how things look different in real life than they do in your mind!

 I wanted to make sure our lamp would still work here.
 After we got it hung, I decided it would be a perfect time to put up Fall decorations.




  1. Looks good, we don't normally decorate for fall here in UK.

  2. Cindy, You did a great job on the pumpkins. I have been wanting to make some plaid to find some ratty old shirts for that. When I bought sweaters at goodwill for my pumpkins I did not buy the nicer ones. Cause others could wear those. I got two at half price and one I had here. I used part of the sleeves for tiny pumpkins. I like your vignette on pie safe and new shelf. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Your pumpkins turned out so cute! I have not did any yet but thanks for the instructions. The shelf was just the perfect thing and looks so nice above the cabinet. Nancy

  4. Hello! I want to say thank you for praying for my daughter, Johanne!I will put you on my prayer list. I no longer read blogs except for Diana. God bless you and please take care. Your pumpkins are lovely. You are very creative!

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