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Friday, August 4, 2017

Thursday and FriDAY still on faux' vacay

Thursday evening I went out with the parents.
 Or actually, the parents took us out, and I drove.  They wanted to buy our dinner (sans alcoholic beverages, we had to pay for those on our own) for doing a couple of favors for them.  NICE!  So, my sisters family took us to "the beach club" which I LOVED!

The food was good but I LOVED the atmosphere.  So relaxing.  A big room to eat in with a bar in the center, a pool right outside, and a lake right in front of the pool.   Felt like I was on REAL vacay for a couple of hours.  Why can't my town have something like this?

 On Friday, My friend Teresa (faux' vacay partner) and I had planned on shopping.  Well....after going to Noblesville (45 minutes away) Thursday evening, and was going back to Noblesville Friday evening, I didn't want to drive out of town again that day.  We both decided that staying in town was fine. We both had a list of places we wanted to go to get some things for our rooms that we worked on.
But we decided to go to a garage sale first!  The one we donated stuff to during the week!
 We found our donations in that big mess!!!!

 (I even found one of Mom's donations! teehee)
 No way...could it be....a macrame' plant hanger!  I need gifts for my sister and her friend for their birthdays!!!
 So, we did all of our "errands" did some FUN shopping too, and felt very accomplished by Friday.  We both still have our rooms to work on, but it's stuff we can do when time allows and on our own.
(FUN shopping at the grocery even)
Faux' vacay was over, but I can't wait to show you my sister and her friend when they got their gifts!Their faces!

Does your town have a beach club?
I seriously need one.



  1. We have a restaurant near the creek, when the tide is in its beautiful, bit mucky at low tide. The only fault, whilst the food is good, it's very over priced, so we don't go as often as we would like. But we do live very close to the sea.

    1. Oh live close to the sea....

  2. I don't live close to the sea or to any body of water. That's post childhood trauma following the overflowing river in my childhood hometown which did a lot of damage. My Mom used to say: keep away from water(floodings, tzunamis) and fire (forests); I think she was right.

  3. we don't go as often as we would like. But we do live very close to the sea.

    แตกใน xxx


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