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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kay's Scrubbies

 K did it again! 
A couple of weeks ago, we came to crochet group and received a kit from K.
And whether you crochet or not, I'm sure you know about these scrubbies.
I showed you a picture in the last post of my sister holding them.  I gave mine to her for her birthday.
I'm visualizing my mother-in-law smiling down on us from heaven, because she used to make these all the time!

I think these kits make Cheryl all nervous!  Looks like she has a drink and a cigarette!
So funny...because she cannot even be around smoke.  It was just one of 'those moments' when you take a picture and it turns out unexpected.
When K makes up these kits she spends a lot of her time showing us how to do the project.
Bless her heart.
These two (below) did not make scrubbies.  They just pretended.

I have no idea what I did here, but whatever it was Debbie quickly picked up my phone and took a picture.  I think I probably broke the netting.  The pattern for these scrubbies is easy, but working with this netting is another story.  You have to do a lot of finagling.
And I seriously did not get one picture of Debbie!  
She must have just sat quietly and crocheted (probably not)

So here they are, the finished project!

 And Kay said I could share the pattern, so here you go!  

PS.  I have been having internet problems again.  Pretty much since February.  This post took three days to download pictures.  Yep, it's worse than dial-up.  Our internet shuts off intermittently, all the time.  It makes blogging, and reading blogs, very difficult so please bear with me.


  1. Lovely scrubbies! My mother used to be good at crocheting doilies. Sadly, I'm no good at all at crochetting.

  2. Really like them, my Mother-in-law use to make them too.

  3. I love these little gems. They work so well and they're pretty, too :)


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