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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cocktail Party

Last  Friday I met a friend for a latte'...
 That evening, another friend came over while I baked "Starbucks Lemon Loaf!"  It was a recipe that I think came from Facebook or something like that...

 So, I made two of them.  One for us and one for my sister, who loves Starbucks lemon loaf.

 I also made her some scrubbies....that is a story for tomorrow.
 Then we went to the "cocktail" party that we made reservations for at Harmony Winery in Fishers, IN.
 It was very fun.  Of course, I never remember to take pictures of the food BEFORE it gets all cut up, but they had all of these desserts and they made cocktails with the wine that they make.  And we got a recipe book to make the cocktails at home.
 So I think my next gathering shall consist of wine cocktails!

 What sis didn't know is I called the day before to have them sing Happy Birthday!
 Here is our group of party-goers.  Don't tell anyone, but the two on the other end...they told their husbands they were going to Sam's Club! shhhh  They said they had a bag of onions from Sam's in the car for proof!!  HA HA
This party was from 1:00 - 3:00 during the day.

 Apparently, wineries are popping up everywhere.  In Westfield, IN, not far from Fishers at all, there is another new winery.  You can pick any three or more appy's from the list.  We picked bread (of course - because we LOVE bread - just like Oprah!) We shared a tasting and enjoyed the music.  They had a guy playing music that sounded just like Gordon Lightfoot!  70's music!!!!
The 70's are alive!!!!



  1. You always do such fun stuff and your cake looks delicious.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister! Glad you had a great time together!!

  3. Cindy, You always know how to have fun. Your family is wonderful too. I love the bag of onions story. LOL. Blessings and happy b-day to your sis. xoxo, Susie

  4. So adorable cocktail party! I love this food and the table décor style. Cocktail parties are my all-time favorite. Hosting family cocktail themed ugly sweater holiday party at one of my favorite Los Angeles venues was the best day for me in last month. We all totally enjoyed the event.


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