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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Shopping Trip

These pictures and stories tend to be the same every year, but that's what makes this trip a Tradition!  We always go on a Christmas shopping trip the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Theresa always picks up Dan's Donuts.  I used to live close enough that we would walk there, but now she picks them up on her way to our house, in the country
And I always text Vickie a picture of me eating her favorite donut!

Off we in Ft. Wayne, IN.
Mom did not go this year.  Her and Dad had plans to go to a play or a musical or something and spent the night in a hotel.  And Gloria didn't go because she had back surgery.  But they both either called or texted.   I'm thinking...even though they "don't want to go anymore" I expect they will come with us next year.
We always get our picture taken in the car.

 The first stop was the outdoor mall, and the first store my Sister and I went in to they had coffee and dessert on the table by the door!!!!!  WOOHOO!!! PAR-TAY!
I started to help myself to a cup of coffee when Theresa walked away and made a comment about the last time this happened.
Wooooe, I remember...but I really wanted that coffee.

The last time we saw a table set up like this was at the same mall, but at the Vera Bradley store, a couple of years ago.  Theresa and I walked right up and grabbed a cup of coffee and maybe a snack or something, then a sales lady told us it was for a private party!!!  EMBARRASSING!
I put my cup back down and took a couple of steps away....
and looked around....
you know how you do....
you keep looking at it, then see if 
a) you can get the coffee without getting caught
b) you can find a salesperson, so you can ask if it's ok if we have a cup.
   A saleslady walked up and YES!  We could help ourselves!
 And it's a good thing we got some warm coffee because it started to get really cold out that day and of all days....SNOW!

So, our newest tradition is to take our picture in front of the big outdoor Christmas tree.  You can't even tell we have our Ugly Purdue Christmas Sweatshirts on because we were all bundled up.  Some lady walked by as we were trying to take a selfie and she offered to take our picture.  We thanked her and started to walk away and we noticed the tree wasn't in the picture!
 So, we stopped again and started to take another selfie when a guy walked by and offered to take our pic.  Theresa said, "No thanks" and we were all saying, "Let him take it."  When he walked away.  We all started laughing.  Oh's the best we could do! (almost looks like the tree is part of my hat)
 The windshield when we got back to the car.
  And this is what the weather looked like when we left the mall and headed to the indoor mall!
 Merry-Go-Round is still there...
 We shopped all day, left around 9ish, then went to the car.  ANd look.....
 It was really snowing when we headed to the hotel.

 We got back to the hotel room and even though we are not supposed to buy each other gifts, we all did.
Ashley got us cute little note pads with sticky notes
Vickie got us gift cards from starbucks
Theresa got us bath and body stuff 
and I got us little Annalee mouse ornaments and chocolate.
Our room was a suite with a little kitchenette.  We all brought little snack foods and had snacks in lieu of dinner.  Twas a wonderful evening.
And here we are the next morning ready to head out again for more shopping.
 If we can find room in the car for more stuff!
Talk with your teeth together....kind of clenched.... This little hunk of snow drove me crazy!  The wipers wouldn't get it off and I couldn't reach it!
 We all had a wonderful shopping trip weekend, but....
on the way home, Theresa hit a deer.  :-(
She found out the other day....$5,000.00 worth of damage.  
Most expensive shopping trip ever.

 Cindy Bee

PS - Today, December 12, 2015, it was 66 degrees outside.  VERY unusual for our part of the country this time of the year.  My bees were out!


  1. Poor Theresa! Still, it looks like a wonderful time!

  2. So in a way Theresa you were the winna winna for most spent, look at it that way.

  3. So in a way Theresa you were the winna winna for most spent, look at it that way.

  4. Cindy, Can I say..Damn ! I hate when we go for a fun time or traditional things and something, Like hitting a deer happens. Thankful it didn't cause you to wreck. I just posted about how warm it was and the snow not being that long ago. :) I hope the bees will be okay.... Cindy, I was glad to read your comment about getting your home done and then getting all those responsibilities done too. I wish you and your shug a great Christmas and New Year. xoxo,Susie

    1. Hi Susie,
      The home isn't finished. Just a few rooms so that we could move our bedroom upstairs. Which gave me a lot more room in the room we are living in. But we're moving along nicely and as soon as I have time I'll post more pics on the house blog.

      Cindy Bee

  5. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I had forgotten how cold Indiana winters can be. I'm happy that done of you were hurt, hitting a dear can be a life and death accident, those boogers can jump out in front of you so fast.
    Merry Christmas!
    Connie :)

  6. My sister was driving home from my house. She was by herself. Thankfully she did not get hurt.


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