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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Wedding

I looked out, off of our balcony, and they were setting up for the wedding!  Of course, I texted a picture to the bride!
What's with the sad faces?  Is it our hair!  And the humidity!!!
Could it be that those that wanted curls, weren't getting them, and those that didn't, maybe got too much!  Oh the drama....of a curl....or two! 
Ok let's liven this bunch up with Mimosas!

and look who shows up!
  Stick Mom!

Almost ready!

The guys are waiting on us at the bar..

Robert (stepfather to the bride), Alan, Groom Eric, My Shug, Trent (my sister's Shug), Greg (the bride's father)

My Sister and her Shug.  They got married in this exact same spot nine years ago!
Still waiting...
I love going to a wedding where you can take your shoes off!

Here comes some of the wedding party!
Stick Mom is in her seat!

The groom's Mother on the right.

The bride's Mother
 The groom

The Best Man and Maid of Honor (groom's son, and my niece!)
The flower girl "Here comes Your Bride Eric!"  
(I'm getting teary-eyed!)

Where is she?

 There she is!
 Now, her Dad was making fun the night before, of some who claimed there might be a tiny tear or two shed.  He admitted afterwards that when he saw her come out on that golf cart, he almost shed a tear himself!  I think he was holding back in this picture!
 I do!
 I do too and I'll toast to that!
 WOOHOO!  We did it!

 Stick Mom forgot her sunglasses so Robert shared.
Congratulations! from all of us!

 Picture time!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! All weddings should be on the beach!
    Jane x

  2. Such a great day... thanks for helping us all enjoy!

  3. What a lovely event. I have a question, after a wedding like that and in such a gorgeous part of the world, what do you do for a honeymoon?
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  4. Cindy, That had to be such fun. Glad you got to go and enjoy yourself. Hey , Horton's is having their Autumn Market on Sept. the 26( A Saturday) From 9-4. You and your girl friends should come . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. This mother of the Bride got teary eyed reminiscing. Much appreciated posting pics. Bring on some dancing.


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