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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bitter-Sweet Week

 Blogettes...this has been a very bitter-sweet week for me.  Had I blogged any sooner, I would have said the bitter, in a very angry way, and who wants to hear that! The truth of it is we all have it in life.

BITTER- On Monday I went to my 5th funeral viewing for the year 2014.  A friend's Mother passed away.  I'm sure tomorrow (Mother's Day) will be bitter-sweet for her.  She was best friends with her Mom, so she'll have some good memories to think about, but she'll be missing her like crazy. 

SWEET-After the viewing I had to scurry over to see this fine young gentleman get a huge award for being third in the entire state of Indiana for his science fair project.  I've watched this kid since he was three years old, and I have to tell you the time went fast.  He's a Junior in High School.  And I am proudly taking a tiny bit of credit for his project as it involves wool!  He designed a device that uses wool to clean oil spills from bodies of water.  Peeps, he uses roving.  I introduced him to roving, and natural fibers, when he was a kid.  I'd take him spinning with me at the pioneer cabin and other functions in the summer.  Very proud of him.

NO FUN!-On Tuesday, my Shug had to have surgery on his Achilles Tendon.  He tore it a few months ago, and after three Doctors, one of them decided to do an MRI.  This is a serious surgery with a couple of months off of work.  He will be in a plaster cast for three weeks and they sent him home with a very skinny tube going into his leg and a bag of medicine attached. (They explained it all to us right before the surgery.  They called it a Q-block, which I misunderstood as cue ball! Imagine what I was thinking!) The medicine kept his leg numb until Friday.  The weather is nice out fortunately for him. He took the tube out yesterday and had to call the anesthesiologist because his leg kept cramping up really bad.  My Shug doesn't call a Dr. for much, so I know it was bad and he was worried.  He's feeling better today.  Still hurts but better! 

BITTER- I couldn't go down to help my sister with the election because of the surgery, but other family members did.  After a very strong and hard campaign, she lost.  She was up against a man who is old school and old money.  His brother is a senator and she only lost by 300 votes.  It was a VERY close race.  54-46%.  The numbers at the polls that day showed that they got most of the votes at the polls, so had more people voted, it might have been a different turnout.  But here's the truth of it all.  Young people don't give a crap about voting like older people do.  They've never had to fight for any rights, (or much of anything) and they don't get it.  And peeps, out of a town of about 50,000, around 3,000 people voted.  VERY I need to stop.

VERY SWEET!-On Thursday, I had Mom and Dad over for Mom's birthday.  We had a simple lunch.
It wasn't a last minute thought, I just had to wait and see how My Shug was doing.  We had chicken salad and sandwich spread, which I bought at a local market, carrots and dip.  We had potato salad, which I made.  And strawberry shortcake, which I also made.  Afterwards we went mushroom hunting, but found none.
 Happy Birthday Mom.  Love you!

SWEET!- We have about 20-25 lilac bushes on our property that we planted a few years ago.
They are all blooming now and smell heavenly!
I gave Mom a huge bouquet, and went and picked another one for our room!  Can you smell 'em?
 SWEET!-We've been doing some bird watching outside our door.  We have a Baltimore Oriole family this year!
 Put out some grape jelly and they will come.  They love it.
SWEET- In spare time, I have been making this blanket out of chunky yarn and some yarn I have in my stash at home.  I am committing to making stuff out of yarn that I already have.  I have to reduce my stash.  I even sold some this week.
SWEET-Tonight my Brother, Sister and I are taking Mom out for her birthday and Mother's day!
 I made dessert and
 they are yummy!

I also made a cream cheese dessert which is very easy and rich, and you must have the recipe for it....but right now I need to get dressed because my cousin Vickie is coming over for a bit.  I'll post it later.

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow a lot to cover this week! Loving your new afghan! I can smell your lilacs makes me wish my loan bush was blooming, not even a leaf on it. Wondering if the long cold winter killed it. Need more. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You have been busy!
    The voter turnout is a disgrace...people should be ashamed of themselves. I always vote.People died so that I could have that right, and I wouldn't insult them by not exercising it.
    Jane x

  3. Hope this next week is better!

  4. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. Those look gorgeous!

  5. 20+ lilac bushes sounds like a heavenly atmosphere!


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