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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Basket assignment, finished!

While making a pit stop at Groovy Girl Yarn the other day for some Weird Watermelon hand dyed yarn by Groovy Girl herself, I asked her..."Groovy Girl, what happened to that magazine picture of that basket with the yarn top crocheted on it?"  She knew not of what I was speaking....So I went to the wall of magazine photos, removed a taped piece of paper and said, "hark, here it tis!"  I want to make one of these I said.  And she said, "Bee Lady, your assignment for next week is to do just that."
(we don't really talk that way, but we could...if we wanted to)
 So I hunted around for the perfect basket...and did not find one.  So I used this battered old thing instead.
 I didn't have a pattern, so I sort of did what I thought would work.  I crocheted in between the weavings of the basket. And I was careful to stay in between the same weavings all the way around. The first row or two was a bit tricky.  I had to work a small crochet hook through the slats of the basket, and the yarn was much larger than the hook size.  I just pulled the yarn through on the first row and crocheted it onto the basket.
After the 2nd or third row it got pretty easy just single crocheting a long.  As you can see in the above two photos, where the slats were (up and down slats) I just added about three rows of single crochets so that I would have some chains to hook onto on the 2nd row.  If you kind of study the two pictures above you'll see what I mean.
 I just kept single crocheting around until I thought it got a little too floppy.
 When it got a little too floppy I decreased the rows once every 20 stitches, but just for a couple of rows.
Really, you just kind of go on your own here.  Don't be afraid to keep it the same size or make it smaller.  If I were making it like the picture, I would have made it a lot smaller.  But I decided to make a drawstring top, and handles, on it.  I think it's easier to get in and out of it with a larger opening at the top.
 I know these directions probably makes no sense at all.  I'm typing and watching a show about Beavers on the public broadcasting channel!  I love nature shows...but I wanted to get this typed up!
 So if you want to make one and have questions, ask away.
 Here's the finished basket.  It's empty so it's a bit floppy.  I love it.
 I've decided I want to make a bag out of this same yarn.  It's cotton yarn and it's very thick.  I'm sure any thick cotton or wool yarn would work.
 To make the handles I just quit crocheting into the row and chained instead.  Then when I went around again, I crocheted onto the chain.  I think I skipped about 20 stitches on the row, but I only chained 15.  I figured the handles will stretch anyway.

 So there you have it, my assignment for the week....finished!
 Cindy Bee


  1. How fun! Turned out really great! You should be proud of yourself!

  2. Oh I like this! It could be handy for all kinds of things...I give you an A+!

  3. Thanks Jacque! I was thinking the same thing.
    Cindy Bee

  4. Thanks for sharing your crocheted basket pattern with us today. Mine is looking good. Hope to finish it tomorrow at the yarn shop. See you there.

  5. Thanks Susie and Kay.
    Glad you like your basket Kay. Happy to share. Looking forward to today.

  6. You are a wiz kid at crocheting anything!!!...:)JP

  7. This is an awesomely cute idea!

  8. That's a great idea for a very useful result!


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