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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bees, Crochet, and Sailing!

Well I must say time goes too fast doesn't it.  My Shug is on vacation this week, we didn't go anywhere, and it seems I've had LESS time than normal.  

From my last all were right...the queen was the one in the middle picture, and she is the bigger bee with the elongated body.  

I couldn't believe I actually got a picture of her.  You rarely see her.  She is usually covered by other bees, and she doesn't like to be in the light.  It was just a lucky shot.  
As for the winter die off.  You almost always lose a few hives during the winter months. 
During the winter... 
  •  The queen will lay less eggs.
  • The worker bees will cover the eggs with their bodies, and vibrate their bodies to keep the brood warm. They will not leave the brood.  So, if it is freezing cold all winter long, like it was this winter, the bees will starve to death before they will leave the brood.  

  • The other thing is, they will not defecate in the hive.  So they never got a potty break this winter.  Imagine!

  • And they cannot fly when it is too cold out.  A lot of people ask why we don't wrap the hives or warm them up somehow.  If you make the hives too warm, the bees will think it's warm outside and fly out of their hive.  They'll get a few feet and not be able to fly back.
  Now those are a few simple reasons why they could have died.  There are more complicated reasons such as mites, disease, and weak hives going into the winter.  It is a hard time to raise bees.

Also, I still have not heard from the company I ordered my bees from.  I did contact my cousin who has ordered from them before, and she said that sometimes happens with them during this time of year. I have called three times, left messages twice. I did find they have a facebook business page, and I do think they are legit.  I'm not sure I would order from them again.

So, besides working our bums off...I went to crochet group.  These pics are from a week ago.  My blankey is actually finished!  A finished blankey deserves it's own TADAH post though.

Debbie's Blanket
 The bag Kay is making.

Mandy's scrappy blanket
 Dusty's blanket
 Another blanket I started,
which I will tell you about in another post.


My friend Marcia and I went "sailing" and I bought a few things.  This fairy house....
lamp (I love little lamps all throughout)
I bought this pot, which looks a little tuscan and I put the fern in it that my friend "K" bought us for earth day.
Make up bag .25!
Very colorful bowl!
Bottom and top of it.
So that doesn't come close to what I've done all week, but I'll stop here!  I'm off to visit a few of you before my Shug and I go on a date tonight.

Brenda....I will e-mail you.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I hope you can save some of the bees and get some honey. You have really been busy crocheting. Lots of nice things. My sweety is on vacation too. So that means I am having a mini vacation here. LOL. Enjoy your time, xoxo,Susie

  2. I very rarely get a photo with my Queen! She runs away so fast! Nice photo!


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