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Friday, August 23, 2013

Lots of sweet stuff!


And working on the house...painting...
And doing a little bit of crocheting in the evenings...
some entertaining...
going to fairs and festivals...
and a whole lot of beekeeping.
  My cousin Vickie has been helping me.
 And I still can't keep up with it all!
 I'm thinking about less hives for next year. 
In the meantime.....
 I found out that I can mail honey in a flat rate box from the post office for $12.35 shipping.

 I charge $6.00 for a bottle of honey, 
and I can get 14 bottles in one of these flat rate boxes.
 or three quarts, ($18.00 quart)
 or three quarts and four bottles!  
Or many other variations of quarts and bottles.

If you are interested in buying some honey,
please e-mail me at

This honey is raw, unprocessed, and I don't use chemicals on my hives.  Because it is raw and unprocessed, it will eventually crystalize.  To get it back to a liquid state you put it in some warm water.  Never microwave the plastic bottles.

I think I can also fit a bottle in a flat rate box for $5.85. 
So shipping for one bottle is about the same as a bottle of honey. 

I took this picture at the Indiana State Fair through some glass.
Can you find the Queen?
Her body is longer than the other bees...
 and she's bigger.

 If you made it this far in the post,
I have a treat for you.
I have decided to have a give away!!!

Just leave a comment.....
and you are entered in the drawing.  
I'll draw on Wednesday.  

Cindy Bee

PS.  Sorry, must live in the United States to enter drawing.


  1. Hey Lady Bee! How are you? My computer is back from the geek shop and it seems to be running good so far. Put my first post up in probably a month, but you already know that. A give-away? I'm game! You are busier than a bee...Have a great weekend.

    1. Brenda,

      So glad you are back! I'm ready to slow down, but not ready for winter. I need more summer fun!

      Cindy Bee

  2. Wow, they are great !!! I would love to get one for me !!!
    I will e-mail you !!! (^.^)/"""

  3. I don't know where you find the time, Cindy!! Glad you had a good honey harvest this year.

    1. Fiona....I don't either. Seriously...

      Cindy Bee

  4. How sweet (no pun intended) of you to have a drawing. I live in Utah so I qualify. YEA Hop over to my blog on Friday the 23rd where I have a giveaway too.It is for a scentsy wickless candle warmer and bars.
    I LOVE the pictures of your bee activity and all your honey!

    1. Yup you qualify. I will pop over to your blog. MIght be too late for the giveaway but I'll see how you can motivate me today!

      Cindy Bee

  5. B-happy, B-giveaway, B-tastic idea - vickie

  6. Victoria! Don't you live in another world most of the time!!!

    Cindy Bee

  7. So how long do I have to move to the states:)
    Wow your honey looks nice and you sure have been busy. hug B

  8. Ummm, until tomorrow! Does that flat rate shipping go to Canada? If it does, you'll be entered!

    Cindy Bee

  9. COUNT ME IN!!!! :) ps you got email!

  10. This is my comment!!!!!!!!!!!! You KNOW I LOVE your honey!!!

  11. Cindy Bee, You know I would love a honey bear. :):) Actually I would love to help with getting the honey. It all looks so good and clean. You have done very well.xoxo,Susie

  12. Congratulations on a great season with your bees. I am undergoing Venom immunotherapy, so no bees for me this year. But I'm using honey like gangbusters. I just posted a recipe (or two) on my beekeeping blog would love for you to drop by... and to win some honey, of course. ;)

  13. Hi Bee
    Hey this post looks really good....You did a good job

  14. You are a busy bee !:) But of course you are, and your honey harvest proves you and your bees are busy & productive.

    We love to read about other bee-keepers managing their bees , making sweet honey to share with so many !


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