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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm Rockin' the VIntage Farmhouse Party with some Color

I decided to rock Nicki's party at the Vintage Farmhouse with some color!  

And I don't know how to move that Creative Things Thursday button thingy, but I'm partying anyway.  You can click on the words, Nicki's party, and get to her blog and see all kinds of party goers.  Lots of those French Flea Market type people and their cool creative stuff.

I thought long and hard on it..... I decided to attend...but....
I'm not a white on white on white person.  I like it, but I'm more colorful.
But I can be creative.  
And I can be creative oui'?
Anyway..I made this Summer FUN purse!

 First, I spent most of the summer crocheting it!
 I got part of the pattern from Lucy, at Attic 24.  I also made some amendments as I went along because I didn't want it as wide as hers. 
 And I added row after row of cotton yarn, which I love, called Weekend, that I got at Groovy Girl Yarn.

Then, I took a pillow case and cut a circle out of it to the size of the bottom of the bag.
I cut off the bottom of the pillow case, so the length of the case would be the length of the bag.

I pinned the bottom of the material to the sides.

Then I sewed the bottom of the case to the sides of the case so the shape of the pillow material is the same shape as the bag.
 I stitched up some pockets....
 Sewed the lining to the crocheted bag. 

 So now I have a lined, crocheted, brightly colored bag...with no handles.  BUT
Do not fear!!!!  I found some handles, bought them...and

I sewed these handles on the bag by hand....

and viola'....which I think is a french word!.....I have a colourful summer fun purse!!!!

hmmmm, maybe I'll make a white one.  Or a cottony natural colored one....ooooh la la....I'm gonna do it.  See ya at the next party.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I love your bag and the way you lined it is so clever. I like the white decor...but I just can't do it, for me. xoxo,Susie

  2. You don't have to be all white on white or frenchy! Cute bag and thanks for partying with us! ♥

  3. I know Nicki, I was just being silly. I actually do like your white on white and such, I just like color too.

    Cindy Bee


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