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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Arrived in Maine ~ Saturday, June 16

Last summer Cousin Vickie asked our family to come to Maine with her, and her husband Robert, for a vacation.  Robert had to spend his summers growing up with his grandparents in Kennebunkport.  Poor Robert.   So here is Mom and Dad, going through airport security.  Do you know that after you reach a certain age, you don't have to take your shoes off through security!

First part of the flight went off without a hitch.  Here they are in LaGuardia airport, waiting for our second leg of the flight.

YAY!  We all made it to Portland, Maine with no problems or delays.
And see the guy holding the hand-made sign!  That's Robert!!!  He met us at the airport!

He and Vickie had the van rented and Robert and his brother John picked us up.  When we got to our beach house, Vickie had cheese and crackers and little meats waiting for us to snack on.  Plus beer and wine.
Which this child could not drink!  Grandpa (Dad to me) was her accomplice.  So he got in trouble first thing.

You can tell it affected him!
We all raised our glasses to a fun week and the fact that this day finally came after months of planning!
Here are some pictures of the area where we stayed.
That middle house is the one we were in.  And the amazing thing about this place is the tide.  It goes WAY out during the day, and comes WAY in at night!  During the day there is a beach.  At night there isn't.  The water goes all the way up to the rocks.
My Shug thought he was going to swim.  Water was 52 degrees!  brrrrrr...

After checking out the area we ordered pizza for dinner and relaxed at the beach house.



  1. Your vacation pictures are fantastic. It looks like you had a great time!

  2. Cindy these photos are beautiful. You are a true traveler . . . hopping all over the country and out of it, too. I never know what to expect when I come visiting. I wish that I was small enough to sneak into your suitcase, LOL.
    Have a sweet trip and keep that hubby of yours out of the water. You'll be bringing home a Popsicle.
    Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie, well you wouldn’t have been able to go in our luggage because it weighed 49.5 pounds and the limit was 50! You had to pay for each piece of luggage. So we crammed it all in one. There is no keeping him out of the water.

  3. Great photos Cindy. Ted and I have toured that area. Did you see the Bush Compound? Poor Shug...he can swim in that kind of cold. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Yes we did see it! I hope to blog again this week. It’s taking me forever to blog because my computer is not letting me download pics and I’ve been extremely busy. This week should slow down.

  4. Regarding the comment you left on my blog:
    Cindy, I am so sorry about your nose. I go around with a hat on my head and a white shirt as a jacket, all summer. I'm out in the sun gardening and doing lawn work all the time, because I love it. So, skin cancer is always on my mind. Here's to a speedy healing . . . now go shopping and buy a pretty straw hat or two. One for working and one for just looking pretty :)

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