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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer Fun Pond Party

 I've decided I'm going to post randomly, pictures off of my phone, of stuff that I've been doing the last month or two.  It's been busy, but fun!

Like Memorial Day, Monday.
I had mentioned last year that I'd like to have pond parties, but we were still building and it just didn't happen.  This year, things are going to be different!  (the house is finished for the most part...check it out here)
And my sister decided it was going to happen!
So my Shug and I blew up all of these rafts and toys....

and drink holders...

 with an air compressor!!  (haha)
 Our pond is a good size, with a creek that runs through it, so it keeps the water moving.

 And the temps were in the high 90's so it was plenty HOT!

I didn't get any pics of the Bahama Mamas I made or the Orange Julius drinks for the kids. 
 When we were finished floating we all came in for hot dogs in sauce, chips, watermelon, and ice cream cones!

It was a fun day!

Public Service Announcement
A couple of weeks ago I had a biopsy taken off of my nose.  It looked like a small pimple, but it kept coming back.  Turns out it is basal cell carcinoma.
I've had it before.  But this time I have to go to Indy for surgery. 
People that know me, know I don't lay out in the sun and I wear sunscreen all the time.
(but I did in the 1970's)
It still can happen from previous sun tans/burns.

When is the last time you've been to a dermatologist and been checked?
I go every year.
This is me, no make-up, right after biopsy. 
Not fun and not pretty.

You might have noticed in the pics above we wore hats (except for one of us)
and we all wore sunscreen. 
Lots of it.  
Peeps, wear sunscreen. 
Skip the tans. 
They don't last.
They make your skin leathery and old. 
And it increases your risk of skin cancer. 
And if you have blue eyes, you are already at risk.
Just sayin....

How are you planning on having summer fun days?



  1. Hi Cindy, so sorry about your pretty little nose.
    I would take a pond over a pool any day of the week, or the year for that matter. How lovely to have that on your property. Wish I was there :)

  2. Cindy, I am glad you got to the dermatologist. Mine told me about a spot removed from my chin...most cancer start by looking like a pimple. Scary . My spot had the very start of cancer I had it checked after a year and all is good and I will always look for anything different. My poor girls rarely wore sunscreen. I do not remember anytime in my youth wearing it. Take care of yourself. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  3. That's good that your "pimple" was removed ! It's always important to have thee skin checked ! Love your fun pictures !

  4. I also had the cancer like that and had it removed. I had a lot stitches and I looked worse than you. Glad you had it taken care of! Great fun having your pool parties. Enjoy the summer! Nancy

  5. Cindy you are so sweet. Thanks for the invitation. Next time I'm in Indiana, I'll pack my swimsuit, LOL. The truth is, all of my family except for a niece and her family have left Indiana and moved to warmer climates when they retired. We have a nephew and his wife staying at our home now (in their motor-home) they retired and are taking a big trip around the country and then plan on settling in Northern Arkansas. I may never see Indianan again, but my heart will always be there:)


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