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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The boys I used to watch!

About a month ago I went on a date with these two young men!

 First we went out to dinner, then to the movie theatre!
 My sister and her daughter joined us and my sister got us bunnies with our initials on them.  
You see, when these three were little, I HAD TO PLAY "Tom Tom the Piper's Son" on the cd player in the car all...the....time.  And we watched Beatrix Potter movies endlessly.  (Which I LOVED!)
So when Peter Rabbit came out, we HAD to go!  

Here's a few pictures, mostly of the older one, when I first started watching them.  I watched them for years.  They are part of our family.
Look at that precious picture top row, second from the right.

 He turned 21 a couple of weeks ago!!!!! 
 Several of us pitched in for a money tree that I made for him.

 We all went out to eat...

and his Dad gave him his first beer.  (teary eyed - where did the time go!)

 He loved the money tree. 

I love him.


  1. What a lovely evening. We have asked our daughter to come to see Peter Rabbit with us, he was her childhood theme, she said yes, she is 35 this year!

  2. So sad Cindy...that those little fellows have grown up. I was just thinking of my grands being grown now. Three left in school. I miss them being my little ones. I know you think of the old days when you watched those young men. You have good memories. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

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