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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Retail Therapy

You know how it go shopping for a fun little gift for a friend, and you see something you really like.
 But you don't buy it because
 a) you don't need cute little bowls, and
b) you have too much stuff you need to get rid of. 

Then, the next day you meet your friends for lunch.  These are the friends I used to work with that we meet one time a month at a different restaurant in town. 

We met at The Fox's Trail.(hence the foxes)
The atmosphere was great.  It wasn't loud like some of the restaurants are. Have you noticed that?  Some restaurants sound like they put "canned loud talking" through their speaker systems.  This place was great for visiting.
 I thought the decor was pretty cool too.  There was a big rock wall dividing the restaurant part and the tavern part.
 But sadly, I've eaten there about four times and I've only had one meal that I really liked.  However, other people seem to like it, so maybe it's just me.  Usually, by the fourth time I've eaten at a place I have something picked out that I love at that place.   Besides decor!

After eating I had a couple of errands to do, and then I decided I did not want to come home to an empty house.

 I kind of have been in a and on....since I had my tooth pulled...and my eye fixed....and a few other  irritations, such as this weather FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  Can it stop precipitating for five minutes of a day please.
So anyway....I went to a bookstore.  And I checked out the bargain area.

I really wanted simply Crochet magazine, but it just didn't look like something I would like this time.
But, they had this wonderful cake book on sale for $10!
 I love reading cookbooks.  Reading the history of foods and the traditions behind them are interesting to me.  And who knows, maybe I'll bake a cake or two.
  And this is the second publication I've bought of The Sewing Box.  It's a small, fattish, publication.  Kind of pricey though.  I almost didn't buy it, but there's something about it that inspires me.  It does have other things in it besides sewing.   It's really a mix of all kinds of crafty-ness.  Baking, re-making clothes into something else, a little bit of crochet, and more sewing.  And I bought an issue of Molly Makes, which I haven't bought in ages.  So, SCORE at the bookstore.

And I bought this kitchen towel at this very cute store downtown called The Jitterbug, because who doesn't love garden gnomes?  

 And I know...I did not need this, but I love it (it was singing to me as my friend Debbie says) and I decided I'm done fighting my purse addiction.  I'm just going with it.  I mean.... I'll try to hold back, but honestly, I just don't think I can anymore. 
 And here's the thing....I only went in for bowls!!!!!

But hey, I'm out of my slump!  Some good stuff happened today which I will tell you about later....but every now and then it's fun to have a little retail therapy!

Cindy Bee


  1. Love the bowls! Oh, yes! By my 4th visit to a restaurant I know my favorite there. One cannot eat the decor.:-) Cheerful dish towels will make kitchen chores more enjoyable. I know to stay away from a book rack! Very dangerous! So glad to take time to see what's going on with you! xo

  2. I can see why the bowls were calling you! Lovely shopping treats, it is good to have a few every now and then! xx

  3. Hi Cindy, having a purse addiction sure beats the many other addictions out there. Mine is food . . . any food, but mostly carbs. It's a struggle . . . call me when you take that cake out of the oven, LOL
    Happy weekend.
    Connie :)
    P.S. I love those bowls.

  4. My kind of shopping. This month I a shopping for the grands...WEll the three that have birthdays. So not a lot of extra money for me. But I hope to dig up a little for some quilt shop hopping next week.

  5. Cindy, I like your new things. :):) I know what you are saying about this crazy spring weather. It did everything it could yesterday, Wind, rain, sleet, snow , rain and even a bit if sunshine. Just crazy. I am so ready for warm days. I have felt chilled all day and have a fire going in the fireplace. Maybe this coming week, our weather will change. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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