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Friday, July 24, 2015

Part II of Bachelorette party

So....Vickie, Ashley's Mom, still had her very own bridal veil from when she married Ashley's Dad.  We wanted Ashley to wear it into the casino, but Noooooooooooo!  I think she looks a little bit Madonna-ish in it, don't you?  Not Vogue Madonna, but Mother Mary Madonna. 
So we threw her in jail.  Ashley Bashley, you shoulda worn it!
Now, if you ever want to laugh until you cry....tie a banana to a rope,
then wrap the rope around your waist with the banana hanging close to the ground,
then see how far you can get the ball across the room by swinging the banana,
but you are not allowed to touch the rope with your hands.
I was afraid someone was gonna break a hip I tell ya! 
We also played a game where you had to guess if the name my sister was giving you was the name of nail polish, or the name of a porn movie! 
Such as
Topless and Barefoot
Peach Side Babe
Private Weekend (what color do you think that is?)
Sugar Daddy
Debbie does Dallas
My Very First Knockwurst
Don't Pretzel my Buttons
Deutsch You Want me Baby
Now Which ones are porn  movies and which ones are nail polish!

So, my sister and I were losers all the way around!
But we had a great time!

And my sister who claims to not be crafty made up these cute little goody bags for everyone.

We had a great time at the bachelorette party!  Wish you could have joined us. 
Wish my computer knew how to spell bachelorette because I don't and it keeps wanting to change it to baccalaureate, which seems graduation-ish and not pre-brideish.

Cindy Bee


  1. Twas a blast kudos to you and Theresa. Very much appreciated

  2. Twas a blast kudos to you and Theresa. Very much appreciated

  3. You girls always have a great time when you get together. . . thanks for letting us tag along and congratulations to the bride:)

  4. Cindy, You girls are so darn funny. You always have a blast when you are together. I love that. Your banana game was funny. Blessings to the bride to be. xoxo,Susie

  5. That banana on a rope is SO funny! Maybe good at family reunions and birthdays, yes... No? I did nails for twenty years and let me tell you every season we cracked up over OPI's name for polishes!!!


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