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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Friends and Family past and present!

I returned from the shopping trip last Sunday evening (not tonight) and Monday had lunch plans with these lovely ladies.  There were actually five of us.  One of us was only there long enough to choke some food down.  She had just buried her husband on Saturday.  He had been ill for quite some time, and the little blond lady in the front was home from Arizona.  So she wanted to join us, even if only for awhile.  
 There was supposed to be six of us, but Susie totally forgot.  So we were getting ready to leave and decided to do a selfie....Marcia's not smiling.  re-take it
 Marcia's still not smiling.  re-take it
 Me, Cheryl, Sharon, Marcia.  Marcia's hand on Sharon's nose.  re-take it
 Marcia's picking Sharon's nose- it's worse than trying to get a family picture!  re-take it
 I'm out of the picture.....Cheryl's half it
 I'm still not in the it
Cheryl's blurry....I give up!  
I worked with these women at Purdue for 15 years.  We have been through a lot together, good times and bad. We may not always agree on everything, but we've stuck together through thick and thin, and I do believe we will always be there for each other.  Oh yeah....Cheryl didn't work with us.  She worked for IU, but hung with us Purdue peeps!  We meet once a month for lunch. 


I am going to try to blog every day this month.  I'm a bit behind so I thought I'd throw in a few pics here and there to get caught up.  Plus I want to share something with you.  
Two of my nieces spent the night last night, Mom and Dad just popped over today to drop off another niece that spent the last few days with them (I was meeting my Sister and dropping them all off) and Vickie and Robert stopped by to give me....
(look at all these people in our room.  This is the room we live in.  I was by the bed taking the picture)
THIS!!!!!  It's an advent calendar....for me!  I'm so excited about it.  
 There is a hanging shoe bag underneath it, and in each pocket is a gift.  Then one final gift that doesn't fit in the bag.  I'll take more pics as I go, but what a wonderful gift idea.  Last year I had mentioned I wanted to make some advent calendars, but would have never thought of this.  And coincidentally, I was checking e-mails and I got this e-mail From Country Living with different Advent Calendar ideas.  Anyway, I thought I would post every day until Christmas and let you join me in seeing what's in the advent calendar each day!

Lastly...since I'm sitting here with my Shug thinking of ideas for dinner this week, I thought I'd share them with you.   I bought a turkey since they are on sale.  They're easy to bake and better for you than lunch meat!  Cheaper too!!!  So on Monday we are having turkey and a salad.
Tuesday, turkey pot pie (then freeze the turkey because we'll be tired of it)
Wednesday, spaghetti and meat sauce or meat balls (depending on what I feel like fixing, but if I make meatballs I'll double the batch and freeze some)
Thursday - pitch in dinner with friends.  I'm making potato soup.
Friday - salmon patties (which I've never made, don't really care for, and not sure if I want them, but my Shug does.  I'll eat leftovers if I must!)  Not sure about Saturday or Sunday.  Those are usually leftover, eat out, or frozen pizza days.  Jacks frozen pizza is pretty good.

Double lastly.......
The bad news....My poor Dixie Doodle got stung today on his foot.  Poor little boy. 
The good news....Honeybees were out.  I have a few hives alive. 

  I'll stop now....I just felt like sharing tonight!

But PS....Do any of you know where my old issue of "Crochet Today" magazine is?  I had it the other day and now I can't find it.

PPS...I can't stop eating Biscoff.
Good Night
Cindy Bee

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  1. This post is filled with fun! It's wonderful to have good friendships that have endured through the years.


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