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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 2 in Kentucky

On our first full day, Friday, in Kentucky it rained.  So my Sister, her husband, My Shug and I decided to go to a couple of wineries.  The first one was gorgeous!

Selfie in front of the vineyard, but you can't really see the vineyard!
Trent and Theresa...we were all relaxing on the porch enjoying the view, after tasting wine.
Trent, acting like a professional photographer trying to get a good picture for his Instagram account!
Now...the second winery we went was a roadside building that left a lot to be desired.  We went inside and there was a long counter to the right, for tasting, and to the left was some kind of a garage sale, hence...this picture of my Shug in this hat. 

This might give you an idea of the wine tasting room.  This is the label on the wine that I bought!  And guess is GOOD wine!
The wine tasting was in those little plastic pill cups that they use in hospitals to give you your meds in....not glass like at the vineyard....and it was just...well....I can't think of the words.....they did have some really good, raw milk, local, no additives, cheese for sale though, and we bought some of that for an appetizer for that evening.
Right outside this roadside garage sale/winery was a stand selling peaches.  And there was a guy there playing guitar and singing about peaches!  They even had a stage set up for him!  ODD!  My sister stayed in the car!  Trent, My Shug, and I went to get some peaches.  Trent came back with two tomatoes, and we bought nothing!  No peaches.  My Sister kept saying, "I thought you were getting peaches...where are the peaches...."  It was one of those things where you had to be there, but we were cracking up laughing.  I guess we had too much wine tasting!  Oh, and by the way, the peaches were delish!  They gave us a taste.  Don't know why we didn't buy them.  I did, however, save some seeds from the heirloom tomatoes Trent bought.

We got back and everyone was in "the building" so we got to work setting up the cheese tray.
Y'all do know that cheese is not normally yellow, right?  It's white.  Yellow is a coloring they add.  Say this with me, out loud...together now..."Cheese is NOT yellow."  And this cheese was devoured by everyone very quickly. 
 Back in the building, besides eating cheese and crackers, food prep was going on for that evening.
 Everyone helped!
 Ok, maybe not everyone.  Some were tasting....
 And some were relaxing....
Later we played games and laughed....a lot!

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, It seems like a fun time. Is the whole fam damily there? LOL. Hope you all have a great safe. xoxo,Susie

  2. I would have had a great time there too!...:)JP

  3. wine up front, moonshine in the back?



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