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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tuesday Ripple

Well, for those of you who follow Ripple Tuesday, I sure wish you could have been there last week. But since you couldn't, I'll update you.

To begin with, only four of us were in attendance. "K"'s father-in-law passed away.

Kathy had company, and Barbara was out of town.

So, as I'm walking out of the kitchen at Groovy Girl Yarn, store owner, Groovy Girl (GG), said, "Bee...meeting in five" as she sipped her coffee.

What? What meeting?
Apparently, she has some issues she wants to discuss. The first being she wants a name for the Tuesday night crochet group because she is tired of calling it the Tuesday Night Crochet Group. I suggested TNC, but there were other suggestions as well.
A ballot will be printed up and the name voted on tonight. Suggestions were:

Crooked Hooks
Hookin’ Loops
Loopy Hookers
Independent Hookers
Hookers of Anarchy
The Real Hookers of Kokomo
The Real Hookers of K-Town
Groovy Girls of Anarchy

Submissions for names will be accepted until tonight.

You can tell we're an ornery bunch and some, I might add, watch too much tv....just sayin'...

Other agenda items were, a Martha Stewart Day, since her show is being cancelled. And, I am going to say it here and now. I am a Martha Stewart fan so be nice. I've seen her speak... twice, I've got her autograph on a "Got Milk" ad. I am a fan. I don't watch her shows much because by 10:00 a.m. I am off and running and I don't have a dvr or whatever to record it. I do have every Turkey Hill episode recorded on vcr tapes though! Remember those....Sunday morning, half an hour long. The good ole' days.

And a Christmas Open House was discussed and GG wants hand made items for sale.
A snack schedule (What in thee hell? I thought as I quietly sat there listening) I'm hoping this idea got nixed. Snacks I'm fine with, but a schedule...ppphhhbbbbttttt. There were a few other items, but I think these were the most important, and as soon as I have concrete dates I will post them here. Some of you should try to attend the Christmas Open House or Martha day. should.

Now on to ripples....

I had to rip out all but one row on the latest blue color of my ripple because somehow I missed a stitch on the end of the last three rows of blue and didn't catch it until I was at the end of the blue. Dammit. I'm so blue about it (sorry)

So, I put it away and started making these....

I bought this yarn back in March, when Groovy Girl was in another building. It's called Vintage and it is the softest yarn I have ever used. EVAH, you hear me? I l.o.v.e. it!

Groovy Girl's ripple is coming along nicely.

Now.....NOTARO (aka Granny Bee) Well, I suggested she just turn her blanket into a scarf.

And I'm not saying she spent the entire evening "pinning" on Pinterest.....but when I went to take a picture of what she worked on this evening, well, she had nothing to show me.

And then when Groovy Girl said, "Beth? What exactly did you work on tonight?" She did this!

Then she proceeded to show us what she would have worked on but........well, "Erin started her on this project, then Erin quit coming to crochet..."

And she has this, but she doesn't rememberhow to do it. (side note: I went the next day and helped her with this, and was wrong. She had to rip it out. Poor kid)

She would have worked on this, but the "Erin excuse" again.

And Kristi, well she just decided she wasn't going to ripple tonight that she wanted to make a scarf with sparkly things in it. So she did. Look at her sitting there looking all angelic like....pullleeeeaaazzeeee.

Cindy Bee


  1. You are a fun bunch of ladies!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It looks like you all had lots of fun!!

  4. I like the Loopy Hookers I have no idea why.
    My condolences to K that is hard.
    Your group looks like it would be so much fun and I am sure the laughing never stops. I am not a "hooker" so I am sure I will never be able to join this group. Maybe I should learn it is not to late. Right? B

  5. Cindy, You girls are having too much fun. I like the hookers of K-town:):):) Everyone will have nice new scarves or throws this winter. Smiles, xoxo, Susie
    ps. Thank you for those seeds:):)

  6. Beth is so expressive with her sign language. :)

  7. Great fun! Loving the new colors on your new project. Just finished hubs afghan so I am trying to decide on the next hook project. Have a great one Cindy Bee!

  8. Hi Cindy, Sorry to hear that you are feeling blue over having to rip out your blue rows. I've been there and done that. I like to knit winter hats and sometimes if I get almost finished with a hat and then see a mistake, I fudge and sew a flower over it, only works when I'm using girly colored yarn, LOL. No body knows but me . . . well, until now.

    I'm happy that you like my chair and really it is very easy. How are your guitar lessons coming along? I know that life is busy, but even 15 minutes a day will keep the finger positions fresh in your mind and help those finger tips to stay toughened up. Have a marvelous day, Connie :)


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