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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving? Extracting! Posting....

Seriously blogger...I don't need one more change in my life right now.
It looks like blogger has changed their format once again, and it also looks like I have about half of the links I'm supposed to have to post.....I was going to be nice and just go with it, but I can't even figure out how to post a picture.  Their tutorial and my actual post page do not look the same.
Just so you don't wonder where I've been....I've been extracting more honey than I've ever extracted...EVAH!  And we are trying to move this weekend.  Trying....I guess it's supposed to rain tomorrow and we got news last night that out of state family will be here Sunday.  Next weekend is just as busy so we're just going with it for now. 
And I won't have internet at our new place, not for awhile. 
Right now I have two options.
1) Change my phone service so Ican hook up my phone to my computer...apparently wifi stops about half a mile down the road.  Same with cable tv.  Or
2) Carry my computer with me to all the places in town with wifi.  I still have my weathered leather satchel!
So let me say I've been trying to read your blogs whenever I have a chance, but who knows when I'll have a chance to get back online.  I want to stay connected.  You all have become like friends.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh dear Bee Lady I will await your return. I hope you get moved. I love that you are a bee lady my friend. Good news I am getting satellite internet Friday I cannot believe it is cheaper and faster I am getting a little excited. Happy hauling your computer I understand that one.HUGS B

  2. oh bee.....dont be dramatic..You will be at a coffee shop or "somewhere" to blog....sigh

  3. Good luck with the move, Cindy! I'm sure you'll find a wifi hotspot somewhere along the way. Sounds like a great excuse to make resular stops at a coffee shop!!

  4. Cindy Bee! Have fun with the move (lol). Hang in there.
    BTW~ Since I have been mia... I too am finding it difficult to figure out some changes & get my stuff posted. Why change a good thing? dang it! I bet the peeps changing things are young wipper snappers that think its funny when oldies cant adjust to change & catch up!

  5. Cindy, When TDS telecom came out here to hook us up for our computer..they told us we were the last on the line. They actually ran a special line straight from our box, to the computer, to make it work. Slower than a snail. No high speed here girl. I hear that they have landed a man on the moon...and we can't get cable out here.What the ???Smiles, Susie


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