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Friday, November 2, 2018

Crochet Group

Yesterday was crochet group day. 
I did not get pictures yesterday, but I did last week.
And yesterday was the first day of November!  
I'm grateful for these ladies.
They are such good friends.
This is K.  She is making the most gorgeous shawl.  
I was wondering....if I used the same yarn, but an easier design....if my shawl would be as gorgeous.  

This is Pam's baby blanket she is knitting.  Yes she is a knitter, in a crochet group.  Always gotta have one right?  
This is me. I am working on old projects that need re-done.  This was a BIG-HUGE bag that I never used because it was way too BIG-HUGE.  Its an Attic 24 (Lucy bag) and you can find her blog in my side bar and the pattern for this bag is on her blog.  I've been taking it out, and re-crocheting it, only with a smaller hook.  It still might be a bit too big!  YIKES!

This is Cheryl and Pam, last week, discussing current events.
I think Cheryl will be in charge of current events from now on!

So even though these pictures are from last week, we met yesterday morning.  And last night I met with my Chata Chicks (wine drinking neighbor ladies!) 
And something I have not mentioned to all of you in Blog world is that I had skin cancer on my nose.  I had to have a skin graft and it's been a long few months.  I will post all about it in a later post.  But what I'm thankful yesterday, BOTH groups of ladies said, "Cindy, Your nose looks great!"  And I did not even ask.  They noticed.   XOXOX



  1. Lucky you to have a local group to sit and craft together, I was hoping to join a new group in the library, but hubby's health has delayed my joining. I'm pleased your graft is healing well, and you are OK.

  2. Glad you got your nose fixed, I've had skin cancer in quite a few places. I wish I had a crochet group, it would get me going.

  3. Do we need an online crochet group? FaceTime maybe? I’m not sure how to do it but I could learn.

  4. You must look forward to your time with these friends and I am sure that you all learn from each other :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy November sweet sister,
    Connie :)


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