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Friday, February 8, 2019

This could be it....

Hi Everyone,
Yep!  It's me.
I always said I was not going to be one of those bloggers that just quit blogging,
and leave you wondering what happened to me.

So here's what happened. 
I'm burnt out on blogging.  
I know.  It makes me sad.
Since we started building the house we live in, 
I haven't really had a schedule.
Blogging has just been done in a hurry and I haven't kept it going like I wanted to.
The house is finished now, but I'm still trying to get some sort of schedule.
It may never happen.
And lastly,
I'm bored with my blog. 
If I'm bored with it,
then you have to be bored with it.

I do have some ideas for blogging.....
such as to tell you all the stuff that has been going on in my life over the last couple of years. 
Not the fun family stuff, not the trips, (maybe a little bit of family and trips)
but the real life stuff.
The pain on my head that lasted for a year and a half,
the teeth,
the skin cancer,
the hip pain, etc! 
Yes, I'm falling apart!
But I'm feeling better now.

I could talk about how I try every day to eat healthy, exercise, and lose weight,
and how I blow it by noon.  Maybe we could try together.
I'm on Day 6 of Yoga with Adriene on You Tube.

I could talk about all the crafty stuff.
I'm finally getting my crafty mojo back, after this house building project.
I'm making junk journals (obsessed)
and still crocheting.

I could take you down to the basement!!!!
You could help me clean it up! 
I could post stuff for sale.
But that would require mailing it.  Ugh!

I could talk about herbs (I'm getting back into them now that I have the time again)
essential oils
gardening (I'm a Master Gardener you know)

Anyway, I'm ok...
I've been keeping busy...
Not in a bad way....
I've learned to say no!
I'm de-stressing...

You tell me...
Anyone interested? 
If so, I'll see about blogging some more.
If not, I'm going to say buh bye.

You can find me on Instagram as Cindybee58

Ta Ta (for now)

PS...I'm giving up the beekeeping.  So I will no longer be the Bee Lady. (sad face)


  1. Cindy, I will miss you. I always loved seeing your family fun times. I am sad that you have been hurting that long. Every time my teeth start hurting, I think, oh no this is it....I am going to lose more teeth or have horrid work done. I pray for my teeth to last me the rest of my life. I know that is should not have to pray about their teeth...but dang I do. I pray for you to feel good Cindy. If you ever come to Horton 's call me or email or text...could be I could meet you there. With Ted now, I am not sure what my life is going to be ...but I long for normal. Love you dear friend, xoxo, Blessings, Susie

    1. Hi Susie,
      First of all, I have thought of you and Ted quite a lot and wondered how you were holding up, and how he is doing. I know exactly what you mean about your teeth! I’ve had problems with mine and had to get some capped, and I’ve gone to the dentist every six months my whole life. I sometimes wonder if we would leave them alone if they would do better! I’m feeling a lot better Susie but I have to tell you...after Doctors, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons...the person that helped me ....a chiropractor!!!! I was desperate. And now I’m a believer. If I don’t go on a little trip with my Mom and sister, I’ll be at Hortons at their spring open house. Maybe we can meet up. Take care and stay in touch.


  2. I will miss you and hope you drop in from time to time. It's hard to log every day, but from time to time would be nice.

    1. I will try to pop in and say hi. And who knows, I might start blogging again someday.


  3. You notice that happened to me a while ago. Life happens hon. I kinda miss it but not. My life now with swing shift does not allow me to blog. It's all I can do to take care of normal stuff (which sometimes does not get taken care of in a timely manner)Right now I am at work bored and waiting on my relief to show up because we are on shutdown and nothing is going on. So I stumbled upon you again. I hear ya about the body stuff. Mine is failing me too. I am 62......some days I feel like I'm 82. And that is in the not to distant future. How in the world did we get this old this quick???? LOL. Keep on keepin on Cindy. Love ya, mean it. xoxoxoxo

  4. Congratulations on the finished house! That's quite a project!

    Eating healthy, exercising, losing weight are 3 different things, each with its own goal. People often make the mistake of mixing them together, and in the end get Nothing out of it.
    The solution is eating low-calorie meals (1300 cal per day); this is usually healthy, you lose weight, and feel good. The 7-hours sleep is also crucial. There's no other sensible way. I say that from experience.

    Exercising is very beneficial to the body, but doesn't help much with weightloss, so don't rely on that as part of your weight watching plan, only on a low calorie-low carb-low fat diet+ sleep.

    As for blogging,just follow your instincts, your feelings, and your wishes about it. It's a very personal thing.

  5. You have lots of interesting things to blog about! I would love to see pictures of your junk journals! How fun. I have never done that. I wish I could crochet better. I would love to be able to do those lace edgings on the wash cloths and towels. It is hard to stay on track trying to be healthy. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and can't get done all I want to. I didn't blog for a bit but missed my blogging friends. I have lots of pictures and need to post one again but have been busy so it will wait till I get it. I hope you keep blogging! Nancy

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