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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bee Lesson for the day...

See this....blow the pic up and look at it closely.  It is NOT a bee.  Stop calling it a Bee.  Stop saying..."those bees are driving me crazy."  It is a yellow jacket.  It's mean.  It will sting you over and over again.  It will eat your ice cream, your pizza, your steak.  It will drink your soda.  They will buzz around you this time of year constantly.  It is not a bee.  Yellow jackets will sting you over and over again.  They are carnivorous.
 This is what a bee looks like (below)  These are honey bees.  They eat nectar in flowers.  That's it.  Honey bees will not eat your ice cream, your pizza or your steak.  If they sting you, it's because they felt they needed to defend their hive.  They will sting you one time, and die.
And guess what else yellow jackets will eat.
A honey bee :-(

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh I be scared:) I do know the difference now. I like honey bees. Hug B

  2. Oh I be scared:) I do know the difference now. I like honey bees. Hug B

  3. Yellow jackets are NASTY buggers. Are you familiar with the Japanese Hornet? Google them. They were in VA when we lived there...downright huge!...:)JP

  4. Here in the deep south we have "Red wasps" They are evil! Imagine being stung with a red hot metal base ball bat. There is no question that you have been stung. Love my honeys..

  5. There are over 3,000 stinging insects in the United States. IF you are "allergic" to bees, you are most likely allergic to all of them. And obviously, they are all around us, especially right now. I did look up the Japanese Hornet. I think we have them here. I've seen two different kinds of hornets here.


  6. This so annoys me, too!
    I will probably include a link to this post when I get around to writing about bees and wasps again.
    Thank you!


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